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Islamic Quotes about Belief (Iman) in Islam

Islamic Quotes about Belief (Iman) in Islam
First of all thanks for landing this article, if you are searching for Islamic Quotes about Belief (Iman) in Islam then we must say you are on the right place. so without getting into query let’s directly jump into the Islamic Quotes about Belief (Iman) in Islam.
Islamic Quotes about Belief (Iman) in Islam

  • No One will enter Paradise but a believer.(Al-Bukhari # 1648)
  • Kindness is a sign of faith(Iman), whoever is not kind has no faith
    (iman) (Muslim)(2),
    Kindness is a great virtue. It reflects the inner state of a person:
    Faith brings into one’s life the consciousness of God, the fear of
    God, the eternal life of the Hereafter, and the belief that this
    life is temporary and that all material wealth and gains will be
    left behind at the time of death.
  • A believer enjoys the special virtues of faith (Iman) when he became
    pleased – with Allah as his Lord, with Al-Islam as a code of life
    and Muhammad (P) as the Messenger (of Allah). (Muslim #34)
  • Faith (Iman) has seventy branches, and modesty (freedom from vanity
    and boastfulness; decency of behavior, speech and action) is a
    branch of (Iman). (Muslim # 35)
  • “On the Day of Resurrection I will intercede and say, ‘O my Lord!
    Admit into Paradise (even) those who have faith equal to a mustard
    seed in their hearts.” (Al-Bukhari # 2227,1035)
  • None shall enter the Hell Fire who has in the heart the weight of a
    mustard seed of faith (Iman) (Muslim # 91R1)
  • Commentary: A believer who possess even the slightest amount of
    belief, will eventually gain entrance to Paradise,(this might have
    been reflected in his deeds as well) after going through an initial
    period of waiting and suffering in the Hell Fire.

  • You will not enter Paradise until you have faith; and you will not complete faith till you love one another (among the believers), (Muslim)(2).
  • The faith lies between fear and hope (Musliim # 1823,255)
  • One should affirm his faith in Allah and then remain steadfast to it. (Muslim # 38).
    Commentary: The practice of steadfastness of Tawhid (Oneness of Allah) is not a simple task. It means that the concept of the Oneness of God must be rooted deeply in the mind of the believers, and shall remain firm despite whatever interest, temptation, or pressure may come their way. This is a test of one’s faith in the Lord, and is a clear indication that the acceptance of Lord, and is a clear indication that the acceptance of Tawhid was not made under the influence of a whim or mere emotion, but rather after careful deliberation and realization of the heavy responsibilities that this affirmation entails.
  • One the Day of Resurrection, Allah, the Exalted and High, would say to the one who shall have to undergo the least amount of suffering; If you were to possess gold, equal to the whole earth, would you like to secure your freedom by paying that? He would respond: Yes (my Lord). Allah would then say to him: I asked you something easier than this, that you should not associate anything with Me (but you paid no heed to it)(Muslim #2805,2805R2,312)

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