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The Great Prophets

The Great Prophets

(May Allah’s peace and blessings be on all of them)


M. Shareef Ashraf


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Total Pages 160

Language: English

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The Great Prophets

This book  is a remarkable exposition and penetrating analysis of the wealth of knowledge of The Holy Quran. It is an authentic study and magnificent description giving a persuasive and thoughtful presentation of the Holy Prophets. The Author has done a great intellectual endeavor in classifying and consolidating the relevant verses pertaining to each prophet drawn from several chapters of The Holy Quran that speaks of his competence as a Quranic Research Scientist.

The study of the book THE GREAT PROPHETS would help  the readers to make their lives sublime. by following their footsteps they would learn to be patient and steadfast to face the ups and downs, hurdles and hardships, trials and tribulations in life with their unflinching faith and trust in God Almighty so as to achieve supreme success. it may also enable them to be thankful for the favors of the Lord of the worlds and to worship only One True God without associating any partner and to be obedient to Him so as to be eligible for His mercy.

“The Great Prophets” Book will help emulate the exalted and exemplary character, conduct and good morals of the prophets that they demonstrated by being polite, humble, honest, truthful and trust worthy. it will also enable the readers to be fearful of God and beware of satan that will lead them to paradise.





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