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The Greatest Prophets In Islam And Their Missions

The Greatest Prophets In Islam And Their Missions
First of all thanks for landing this article, if you are searching for The Greatest Prophets In Islam And Their Missions then we must say you are on the right place. so without getting into query let’s directly jump into the The Greatest Prophets In Islam And Their Missions.
The Greatest Prophets in Islam
The first prophet of Allah (GOD) in Islam was Adam (peace be on him) and. the last of the prophets was Muhammad (Allah’s immense peace and blessings be on him) as there has been no apostle after him meaning thereby that the Prophethood has been closed and sealed with Muhammad (Allah’s immense peace and blessings be on him). In between these two, Allah sent apostles to every community, sect or tribe, whose number is reported to be more than 124,000. Some of the messengers of Allah were bestowed more favors and raised in ranks over others. Among them, one was the friend of Allah, one was with whom He talked, one was given clear signs and supported with the Holy Spirit; while the other was His beloved and sent as a mercy for the worlds. In the Holy Quran, the names of the following 26 prophets have been mentioned:
1. Adam (Peace be on him)
2. Idrees (Peace be on him)
3. Nuh(Noah)(Peace be on him) 3800-2850 BC Age: 950 years.
4. Ibrahim (Abraham) (Peace be on him) 2160-1985 BC Age: 175 years
5. Ismail (Ishmael) (Peace be on him) 2074-1937 BC Age 137 years
6. Ishaque (Isaac) (Peace be on him) 2060-1880 BC Age 180 years
7. Yaqub ( Jacob) (Peace be on him) 2000 – 1850 BC Age 150 years
8. Lut (Peace be on him) 1980 BC
9. Hud
10. Salib
11. Yousaf (Joseph) 1910-1800 BC Age 100 years
12. Shoaib
13. Ayub (Job)
14. Musa (Musa) 1520-1400 BC Age 120 years
15. Haroon (Aaron)
16. Dawud (David) 962 BC.
17. Sulaiman (solomon) 932 BC.
18. Elias 876 BC.
19. Al-Yasa
20. Yunus (Jonah) 781-741 BC, 40 years
21. Zulkifl 567 BC
22. Uzair (Ezra) 458 BC
23. Zakariya
24. Yahya (John) 0030
25. Jesus (Isa son of Mary) 0029
26. Muhammad 0571-0632, Age 61 years (63 years according to Hijri)
(Allah immense peace and blessings be on all the apostles)
Their description is given below as revealed in the Holy Quran.
Major Mission of Prophets in Islam
The main and major mission of the messengers of Allah has been to convey his message and to provide guidance to the people, to recite the verses of Allah, to bring them out from the depths of darkness of evil and to lead them to the light of righteousness and to guide them to the straight path leading to supreme success both in this world and the hereafter. Their sacred task is to give glad tidings to the believers and to warn the nonbelievers about the consequences of their rejection of faith and evil deeds. Their role is to educate and purify people so that they may become pious and eligible for paradise on the basis of their good deeds and how they can save themselves from hell fire. They emphasized the Oneness of Allah, helped people to inculcate His fear and not to associate any other deity or partner with Him. They prohibited the people from worshiping idols and all other false gods. the main task of the prophets is preaching and teaching the commandments and revelations of Allah both on the basis of precept and practice so that the people can follow them. they also warn them not to follow the foot steps of Satan, their eternal enemy and to help them to desist from their selfish and vain desires. For this purpose Allah sent down His apostles, His books and revelations from time to time.
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